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MARCH 24, 1979

I could still hear my wife praying by my side when my heart suddenly stopped beating. The peace I'd felt during the last perilous hour since my heart attack now engulfed me, and I became acutely aware that my spirit was separating from my body. In the next moment I found myself in a place of dazzling beauty.

Somehow or other I was able to see in all directions at once without turning my head. A multitude of radiantly beautiful people surrounded me; each was dressed in a robe of purest white and carried a leafy crown. Together we stood on a calm and translucent sea of color.

In this place there was neither past nor future, only the eternal Now. I felt totally at ease. I was not an alien here; I belonged. "This isn't a vision or a dream," I thought. "This is more real than earth itself. I'm in paradise!"

Only an hour before, I'd been caught in the unrelenting, viselike grip of a crushing, nauseating pain in my chest. As a medical doctor, I'd seen the symptoms many times before. A myocardial infarction!

Alerting my wife to what was happening, I gasped, "Denise, let's pray!" We asked God to take over the situation, to remove the pain and heal me. Immediately and in spite of the pain, a wave of peace washed over us both, the kind described in Philippians 4:7 which "transcends all understanding."

Only a few years earlier, praying for God's help would have been last on my list of emergency procedures. At best I was a nominal Christian, and any religious duties were performed in a perfunctory manner.

That was until one day in 1973 while making my hospital rounds, when I happened to bump into a young couple who were patients of mine. They were there to visit another of my patients and asked me to join them in prayer. As they prayed, something broke loose inside me and I began to weep. I could actually feel the reality of God's love and His presence in that room. I listened to those young people pray to God as though He was their closest friend. I envied them.

When they extended an invitation to Denise and me to go with them to a home prayer meeting, I accepted. Never had I seen people enjoy God so much! They sang from the Bible and prayed for each other. The young man gave the Bible teaching on the healing miracles of Jesus, and I was amazed that a layman should know so much about the Bible.

Later on they took us to a Full Gospel Business Men's Fellowship meeting where we heard astonishing testimonies of healing and met people who seemed genuinely full of love and joy. Denise and I both wanted the same rich relationship with God, which these men and women enjoyed.

Soon afterward we both received the desire of our hearts. At a "Life in the Spirit" seminar we gave out lives fully to Jesus and asked Him to change us. We were baptized in the Holy Spirit and that was the beginning of a joyous new life with God at the helm.

Five years later at the age of 55, I lay in the same type of emergency room where I had treated hundreds of people. The doctor in charge had shown me the electrocardiogram; I had "knocked out" my inferior coronary artery. The cold clamminess of my hands warned me of collapsing veins. Still, the sweet peace of Jesus had stayed with me, and when I died His name was on my lips.

Now I spoke to my heavenly companions - not in words, but communicating by thoughts. "Who are you and what are you doing here?" I asked.

Their answer was instantaneous and in perfect unity of thought: "We are those who went on before you and we welcome you here." Not only could I understand their thoughts; I could share their feelings - all concentrated on the rapturous adoration of God and the inexpressible joy felt at welcoming yet another entrant into heavenly realm. It was both awesome and wonderful.

Then suddenly a shaft of light pierced the crowd.

At the center of the light shaft the figure of the crucified Christ appeared. It seemed strange to me that He should show Himself to me on the cross of Calvary when I knew very well that He is risen and seated at the right hand of the Father.

At first His gaze was upward as toward the Father. Then I heard Him call my name. "Gerry," Jesus said, "Peace be with you." Out of the billions He created, He knows me by name!

"Gerry;" He said again, "You are healed. You will have no more pain, no anxiety, no shame, and no guilt. You will be home in one week. I want you to go back and tell everyone about My Love. I want you to tell your family, your friends, your fellowship, everyone with whom I will put you in contact." He also instructed me to study the Gospel of John, the first two letters of John (I do not understand why the third letter was not mentioned), and his Book of Revelation. For, it was John who understood Christ's love.

Even as I protested that I didn't ever want to leave Him, I sensed my spirit return to my body. For the next ten hours I drifted in and out of a coma. At times I was aware of people around me, but I was unable to respond to them. Once, though, when Denise came into the intensive care unit where I had been taken, I awoke and wept as I told her that I had seen Jesus. At 3:00 A.M. Sunday, March 25, 1979, I finally awoke.

I later learned that a brother from our church fellowship was awakened at the same moment. God spoke to him and said, "He shall live and not die, for I shall raise him up to tell many about My love."

Another Christian brother halfway around the world - an Arab pastor I'd met - had a vision of me looking pale and sick. At about the same time as I was taken to Emergency, he was on his knees in intercessory prayer.

Soon I was moved to a private room. Continuing to gain strength, I shared my experience with everyone. One week later, exactly as Jesus had promised, I was home completely healed.

Five weeks later I resumed my work as staff physician at the University of Texas Health Center in Tyler, Texas. There I had daily opportunities to share Jesus' love with critically ill patients and their families. Just as He promised He would, God has opened many doors for me to share my testimony of Heaven.

Denise and I were trained at Calvary Commission right here in Lindale and then we received additional intercultural training from International Hospital Christian Fellowship and we became full time workers in Switzerland. I have traveled worldwide sharing this experience on every continent to the glory of God the Father most especially with medical collegues. I have used my knowledge of my native French language in various parts of the French-speaking world. I was born and educated in Canada.

After this experience, I can tell you with certainty that death holds no terror for those who have been saved by the blood of Jesus. At the moment of death we will emerge from this body, much as a butterfly from a cocoon, to soar into the presence of our Creator. Death and hell have no claim on us; as John the apostle says in his gospel, we shall never see death (John 8:51).

I thanked God for this glorious miracle and that He allowed me the privilege of seeing firsthand the reality of John 11:25 and 26: "I am the resurrection and the life. He who believes in me will live, even though he dies; and whoever lives and believes in me will never die."

The Day The Doctor Died

October 4, 2002
By Joe Fauss

Today, Gerry is once again in the presence of the Lord and His "Heavenly Companions" experiencing a love that surpasses our understanding. He was given an extra 23 years to tell so many about this love. He was faithful in sharing the message of God's love to the world to whom he was sent. His family, his church, his colleagues, and so many hungry people in so many nations heard this powerful man of God share this powerful first hand message.

It is our hope that this message will continue even as Gerry is in Heaven. He would want everybody to know that truth that he discovered that we can know God personally by having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ through believing and trusting in the Lord for salvation and repenting of all sin turning away from the past and turning to the Lord Jesus Christ with all our hearts. The soul and spirit of Dr. Gerald Landry are eternally alive!

May we all prepare to meet our beloved loved one
again when we face this day

Joe Fauss is the International Director of Calvary Commission
http://www.calvarycommission.org missions@calvarycommission.org
P.O. Box 100 Lindale, TX 75771-0100 903-882-5501