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Fulfilling God's Vision
By Joe Fauss

I believe that God has given me vision - a vision to see people's lives change. God has a vision and a dream for every life on this planet. How can we know God's vision?

I visited a lumber mill once. It was a fabulous place. There was a place where the logs are brought in, they split them and make two by fours. There was another place where they put notches in them. They made palettes in another part - it was just a fabulous lay out. When the owner was complimented on what a fine operation he had established he sarcastically stated "Well, I just walked out here one day and all of a sudden, it was here". What he was really saying was that there came a time when he decided to have a lumber mill, he began to have a vision for it; he began to have a plan for it. He began to look into what it could be and then saw hard work and vision bring it to pass. He had vision. From there an architect came in and took his idea to put it down on paper. Then construction people came in and began to develop the idea.

It is one thing to take a beautiful mountain that is already there and to visualize something else being around it and it coming to pass; it is one thing to take green pastures and still waters and turn it into a development called Peaceful Acres, but it is quite another thing for someone to have a vision for the city dump, or for someone to have a vision for something that is not worth anything - like a junkyard. I believe this, that as Christians, God is calling us to have vision. The greatest work that anyone could ever be involved in is a vision that involves the Kingdom of God. In the Kingdom of God it takes vision. Proverbs 29:18 says "Where there is no vision, the people perish". I've thought a lot about vision the last several weeks and all of a sudden the Lord began to show me something different.

When we begin to talk about VISION the first scripture that comes to mind is in Joel 2:28 it says: "...And your old men shall dream dreams, your young men shall see visions". I think it is a real time for young men to see vision and I'm not talking about the kind that's a trance - like thing, but if things are going to be done in the world today they are going to be done by young people. I believe that things that are being done by the older folk are things that God placed in their heart as young people and they are fulfilling it. The scripture says that young men will see vision. I believe that God has given me vision - a vision to see people's lives change.

I knew that I would need vision if I was going to see a ministry develop to offer hope. The Lord began to pour into my heart that He was the One with the vision and that any vision we have is really God's vision. If we were going to be followers of His example, then we were to look to Him as the One who had vision.

In the beginning of the whole operation of this universe God had vision. "And God saw the light that it was good" (Genesis 1:4). God saw it. Vision is something that you see that will come to pass. Verse 20 says that God called the dry land earth and it was good. We can see that God had a plan and a vision. In verse 12 when God observed the grass and the sea, he saw that it was good. You see, a vision was in progress. God was seeing these things take place. He observed the sun and the moon ruling over the day and over the night. God saw that all of this was good. God was seeing a vision. He saw the whales of the sea and the birds of the air and He saw that all of it was good. In verse 31 the scriptures tells us that God saw everything that He had made and, behold, it was very good.

God was having a vision of the way that He wanted things to be. God had such a desire and this vision was in progress. God saw that it was good. He was enjoying the vision. Now, as I began to think about this, I thought of an illustration. A projector and a screen are set up and as the switch is turned on, the picture begins to roll and the images that have been filmed are now being fulfilled on the screen. In the same way God has a vision and a plan for each life and He is watching it being fulfilled. Sometimes there are problems though. I have showed many films and one problem is when someone gets up and walks in front of the projector to where all that you can see is their shadow on the screen. Other times the cord is tripped over, pulled out of the socket and the picture or the stops. teh same thing happens with God's vision for us. Many things that God is wanting to see accomplished gets stopped because someone "pulls the plug". Someone interrupts the vision that God is having and desiring to continue. Sin interrupts God's vision.

The destruction that we see in our world today is not part of God's vision. God never intended for it to be this way. The hurts that you see in this society are not a part of God's vision. The drug addiction and the breakdown of the family are not a part of God's vision. Divorce and little children having to make it on their own are not a part of God's vision. This is part of the destructive force that has pulled the plug and has torn God's vision to the point that it cannot continue. Sin will stop God's vision. God created the heavens and the earth and all of the things therein and then He looked at it and said "This is good". Then all of a sudden, He created man and He looked at him and said "This is good". Then something happened because all of a sudden, God was looking for Adam. He said "Adam, where art thou"? I want to tell you that God knew where Adam was. Even when God's vision is stopped, He continues to have a vision, but the devil comes in and picks up the vision and it becomes his vision for the a person's life. God was looking for Adam because the vision that He had for him had been turned off because of rebellion, deception, and sin in Adam's life. God was looking for him because the vision had stopped. God did not enjoy what He saw. God enjoys seeing the vision that He has fulfilled for people's lives, families, and ministries. When sin enters and the vision is stopped, God cannot enjoy that. He no longer enjoys it because it is no longer His vision.

I am so glad to realize that God has a vision for my life, your life and everybody's life. We were not born to lose. We were born to serve a loving God. God has a vision, however there are so many things that we can let into our lives that would stop God's vision or limit God's vision. I began to think about Moses and how that God had a vision for this little Hebrew boy. God chose him to lead those people out. God's vision for Moses was to go shouting into the promise land, but you see, because of his disobedience, God could not let that vision be fulfilled in Moses' life. Moses ended up going up on a mountain and his vision was a little blurry, it was afar off, it was a limited vision because of disobedience.

Another example would be Samson. His parents had such vision for him even as God has much vision for us. As a father he desires what is best for us. God has much that He wants to do with our lives and to whom much is given, much is required. Samson was a young boy that God had a vision for. The power of the Holy Spirit began to come into his life. He began to have miracles working in his life. God desired that he would be a Godly judge and a deliverer, but we find that all of a sudden something took place. We read that he met a woman. There has been many a vision that God has given to young people in particular that had to be stopped because of a marriage that should not have been, or maybe the timing was wrong. Instead of saying 'who' or 'when', one needs to ask instead, "If?" or "Why?". If it is the right time for marriage, then it will be a situation where two people's visions will join together and go forth and be a greater accomplishment for the Kingdom of God. However, I have seen many people lose the vision that God had for their lives or limit it because they did the same thing that Samson did. Finally, Samson went into total sin, rebellion, and disobedience. We find that in his death he was able to find some power of God, but that was not what God's total vision for his life would have been. It was only a limited version.

Saul was chosen by God to be king, but rebellion came in. God had a vision for him as a king, but because of rebellion, he ended up falling on his sword and killing himself. God did not enjoy seeing it. That was not part of His vision. I must share with you about another Saul. The Saul of the New Testament. God had a vision for the life of this man too. He had been through theology school. He had studied at the feet of Gamaliel, but the problem was that he had his own vision as well. He enjoyed seeing people suffer. He enjoyed trying to destroy the church and making havoc of the saints. He would pull them out of their houses and drag them down the street. He carried letters in his pockets that would condemn all of the Christians to prison. This was the vision that Saul was having for his own life. It was a vision full of violence.

All of a sudden, God in His love said "I have a vision for that young man's life, and I am going to take that same zeal and fervency that he is using to destroy the church and I am going to use him to build the church". All of a sudden, a light came on and the spiritual eyes of Saul were opened and the physical eyes were shut. God turned on the light in one sense and He turned it off in another sense. God said "I have a vision for you".

When we really see God's vision, our vision stops. Many a young person today has a vision. It is a selfish vision. It is a vision of what can be accomplished through self. Self gets the glory. When we seek to fulfill God's vision, then He is the one who receives the glory. God had a vision for Saul's life.

I used to go into the prison and look out over the inmates and think "What have these men done?", and "What are the crimes involved in their lives?". All I could see were white uniforms and I had a slight fear even walking among them, but all of a sudden, God began to give me a vision. One night I could hardly sleep after coming home from the prison and all that I saw when I closed my eyes was all of the white uniforms. I told my wife "I feel like I have been in another world". She said "Well, you have". I began to see that God was giving ma a vision for those men's lives and I could see that if they could catch God's vision and what He wanted to do with their lives, that they could be turned around.

I want to tell you that God can take anyone, anywhere, regardless of what their past has been and change them. We are able to go forth into the streets and tell everyone that we have visions for their lives, because God has visions for their lives. I have seen our great God who has such a wonderful vision, have vision for even city dumps. He can have a vision for city dumps. He can have a vision for wrecking yards, even human wrecking yards. Not only does He have a vision, but He has a developing crew. He has a construction crew and the the vision that God has for a person's life can be restored.

God said, " Saul, or Paul, I have shown you a vision for your life, but I want to do something else. I want to show you what my vision is for the world". That is the real key. When we see that God has a vision for our lives, then we realize that God has a vision for the world. Paul caught on to this realization. We see it when we read what he wrote in II Timothy 4:7 "I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith". He also said "I was not disobedient unto the heavenly vision".

What God wants us to see what He sees. He wants us to see the vision that He has for the world. Sometimes we pray for God to give us the keys to the city. That is a part of catching the vision of God. If we are going to see God's vision, then we are going to have to lift up our eyes. The scripture says, "Lift up you eyes and look..." If you are going to have vision, you are going to have to look. Set your eyes upon the Lord and away from those things that would blur your vision and limit your vision. Let God use you to the point that lives can be changed through your life. When we can see as God sees, then we have vision. When we can see as God sees, the next step is compassion. Every place in the scripture that compassion is used, you will see that God saw a need. He felt compassion and He felt a need and did something about it. When we can see as God sees, we will have compassion and then we will feel as God feels. When we feel as God feels, then we will come in intercession because we will share with God what He feels and the way He feels. We will feel the burden that He feels and we will act as God would act and we will reach forth and say to others, "I have a vision for your life". We will reach forth and touch lives with the love of God.

God has a vision for your life. God wants to fulfill the vision that He has for you. We can limit Him through disobedience, through rebellion, through sin, and through wrong moves. When God says, "Move!", we have to move. When God says, "Stay!", we have to stay. God has a vision for families, and for ministries. The vision is out where the people are. That is what God is preparing us for. God can take someone who has no power within themselves, and He has such a vision for their lives.

I have a friend who was a "carnie" all his life, and then one day, God saved him. God said "I have a vision for your life and I want to use you in the ministry". He said "But God, I can't even read. I've been traveling in carnivals all of my life". My friend placed his Bible on the living room floor and then he put his face in it and prayed, "God, I want to be used by you, but I can't even read. Please teach me how to read your Word". God taught that man His Word. He is now a pastor of a church. God has a vision for the church. There are many times that God's hands are tied today because of tradition and sin. God has a vision. We are to see that vision fulfilled and untie God's hands.

In Colossians 4:17, Paul has certainly learned how to take God's vision and do something with it. He said this to the Colossians: "Take heed to the ministry which thou has received in the Lord that thou fulfill it". Heed the vision that God has given you and then go all the way. Don't stop at anything. We can see things accomplished if we will be totally submissive to the Lord and to those visions that He has placed within us. Heed that vision and fulfill that vision. If God can take a human wrecking yard and make His best out of it then He can fulfill that vision in our lives. God has a vision. Let's find out what His vision is and then move with Him.

(Taken from a message preached at the beginning of Calvary Commission in 1977.)